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Clean, crisp, professional images make a statement about your brand, product, purpose, location and customer care! We can assist with photography for almost every business. Here are a few samples of client images.
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GMBV and 360 VR Tours!

Creating a 360 degree tour of your business can be a powerful tool online. Build that tour on Google Maps and it becomes an awesome tool for attracting customers and increasing your online presence. Ken Cox is the Google Business View photographer for much of Southern California. This will take you to one example we have new pages coming….stay tuned!
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Videos for Business

Video is the most powerful form of imagery when it comes to influencing the buying decisions of customers. That’s why TV is so powerful. Online video has staying power. Customers will watch it over and over again unlike a brief TV spot. A brief Video can introduce you or your staff, highlight product, location, lifestyle. Connect with your client base with video. We can help with your brief business video work. This is only a simple example….a new page is coming soom!
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Online Content

Online content is what drives interest in your pages. Pictures of your business, inside and out help customers find you and relate better to your location. What about product images…pictures that help customers relate to the goods or services you offer? Online Content is used on your website, Social Media pages, online maps, directory pages and so on. Her are a few ideas and examples.
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The Google Maps Business View Program Is a Powerful Tool For Small Business.

Ken Cox is the Google Maps Business View Independent Photographer for all of San Bernardino County and Covers much of the South West, USA.  The GMBV program is simple and powerful!  Here are a few key features and a simple list to help you get started.

  • GMBV boosts visibility across the internet even if you have no website.
  • GMBV is a virtual Street View, Google Maps tour inside your business.
  • GMBV is part of Google Searches, Maps that the majority of customers already use to find your business.
  • Once installed your business images and material runs at no cost.
  • We’ll help you setup a Google+ page and make sure your visible on Google Maps
  • There is a minimal one time labor cost to come out and photograph your business location. We’ll do the homework and give you an exact cost in advance without obligation on your part.
  • Tell us a little bit about your business.  You can call at the number at the top or bottom of this page .  or…
  • The button below with link you to the contact page for our sister website www.swtphoto.com fill out the contact information and we will contact you right away!

Panorama 360 degree Image

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