Premium Suit Outlets in Brea on Google Maps

Premium Suit Outlets in Brea on Google Maps

June 8, 2015

One of my greatest pleasures in working with small business owners is learning what makes each business unique!   I want to know who their clients are?  Why do customers choose this business? …this location?  How can we illustrate and distinguish these unique qualities to make a business stand out?  Once we get to know the business a little we can create images that brand and intrigue clients old and new alike.

Case-in-point, in Brea, California is a shop called Premium Suit Outlets.  Family owned and operated for a few generations in Los Angeles.  The family decided to make the move to Brea, CA. While not a large shop they have a lot to offer.  They were having trouble getting the word out about their move to a new location.  I stopped by to look at the shop and met Eddie, a real gentelman. As you might expect they have a great selection of quality Men’s Suits and clothing.  But I was surprised to learn that they were also skilled tailors.  Yeah, they do all kinds of alterations on location for men and women’s fine clothing, often same day!  But I’m not just talking about alterations, I’m talking about tailoring to fit you personally.  Old style customer service that we used to expect from days gone by.  When you stop by Premium Suit Outlets, Eddie or his son will meet you as you enter their shop, assess your needs, measure you for a perfect fit and help you find just what you are looking for!

He showed me “bespoke” projects, as he called them, he was working on.  Custom Tailored to fit you from start to finish.  You pick the fabric and design and they tailor an amazing finished suit just for you.  I actually had Eddie fit me for a very nice three piece, fine Italian wool suit.  Amazing, I was impressed!  He did the suit, shirt, tie and even socks to match.  Trust me….You will be impressed too!

Above are a few images we created for Premium Suit Outlets’ branding and profiles online.  Below is a Google Maps Tour we created of their location.  The images and tour were installed to Google My Business, Google+, Google Maps and other places as well.  The tour becomes a Google Map inside their location.  Why is this important?  Phones and mobile devices account for a large portion of internet searches.  Phones depend on GPS, Maps and other geo-location factors to deliver dependable local searches that consumers want and need.  The images and tour will show up across the Google platform in general G Searches, G Maps and elsewhere.

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Here is Premium Suit Outlets at 924 E Imperial Hwy Brea, CA 92821  (714) 784-6401  Google+ Page https://goo.gl/2an9eR ,   Tour  https://goo.gl/tn4UR6