Comments and Kind Expressions:

The following are just a handful comments from my clients about the service I provide and  our experience working together on their various projects.  I see these remarks as an expression of honest appreciation that I enjoy very much and I certainly reciprocate the feeling!  I have many more comments along these lines I’ll try to put them on this page as I have time.  If  you have an experience relating to work that I have done for you or the GBV program or want to offer comments or even critiques please Contact Me via our form , send me an email or give me a call.

Thanks,  Ken Cox 


“It was a pleasure working with you and Julie, yesterday. You’re a true pro and it was a great experience getting your thoughts and ideas as we walked the property. I’m so looking forward to seeing it go live on Google+ and more.”   Carl

Speaking about the Google Business Photos tour for Mercedes-Benz of Encino;

“Everyone that has seen it says “oooohhhh!” — “aaaaahhhhhh!!” — or “that’s sooo cool!” … how that for a ringing endorsement! :)  Thanks!!!”  Carl  or Carl on Google+


“I wanted to give you an update about our assisted living home in San Bernardino.  We have 12 clients that will be moving in over the next week and with that, we’ll be full.  Although our beds are full, we’ve had three clients come to the house unannounced that have seen the Business View that you created for us.  They mentioned having seen the inside of the home online.  They want to move in, and that has officially created our waiting list.  I thought that you might want to know that your work is really working out well for us.  Thank you so much!”

 Sam Price, Red Carnation Homes Senior Assisted Living

Thank you Sam!  KC


“Very ironic that you emailed yesterday, I was just using several of your images for our webpage and was thinking about how great of a help adding the tour was! I added it a few months ago and we have received great response from it!  Thank you again for all your help! I am working this week on adding it to our Face Book page so that attachment you sent over was GREAT! “  Thank you again, Codi – Marketing & Communications, Temecula Motor Sports


 “By hiring South West Trusted Photography you don’t just receive an enhanced Google profile listing with engaging and beautiful imagery of your location – you also get a reusable marketing tool (the embed code) that can be used almost anywhere else on the web at no additional charge.”

“South West Trusted Photography shot three of our clients locations and after taking a look at the sites analytics  we saw almost immediately that the virtual tours had become some of the most popular and engaging content on the site.”

“In fact, I’ve been looking at some analytics for the xxxxx Resort, Inn at xxxxx and xxxxxx Lodge and the virtual tours are very popular features of each resorts website. ”

Steve Lepore – circulation studio  @CircStudio


Tamura, with Tamura’s At Home (a very chic small  Interior Design Shop) said she recently found out that she has Other Interior Designers using her tour with clients to get ideas, (very flattering) which leads to visits to her constantly changing Design Store and sales.  Many clients come to the studio explaining that they enjoyed her shop first via her online tour (Google Business Photos online ‘Street View’ style Tour).  Tamura of  Tamura’s At Home

Tamura told me one of her clients was looking for several high end ceiling fans but could not locate a local dealer.  Tamura contacted the Fan Manufacturer and they explained that they only sold thru certain types of stores and that it would take some time to send out a rep to qualify her shop.  She told them to go online and walk thru her store via her Google “Street View Tour.  20 minutes later Tammy was placing her Dealer’s order for several thousand dollars in ceiling fans.  Her client was elated! Tamura enjoyed that her client didn’t have to wait and a nice sale was OK too!  Tamura, Tamura’s At home, a design studio/store in Yucca Valley California, just a short drive from Palm Springs.  or on Google+


“I appreciate your hard work and I will definitely keep you in the loop in the future. I recognize you as more of a partner in the venture I’m on to make this company more profitable and your services, advice and help have assisted us in getting closer to that goal.  Best Regards,”  Brad M. Laule – Business Development & Technical Services Mgr., California Patios.

 California Patio has 8 locations and sells very nice patio furniture.  Before I could finish their last store Frank mentioned in passing that they had already had a decent sale directly as a result of one of their tours.  “A customer called looking for a particular product but didn’t know exactly how to describe it.  The salesman took her to the tour.  She looked it up from home and the salesman was at the store. As the salesman walked her thru their store online she stopped him and said, “This is it! This is the product I was looking for!” the sale was made and product delivered without the client actually coming to the store.” Frank, California Patio, SoCal


“I know these tours are working!  I have customers coming to the store telling me that they found what they were looking before they came to the store on our tour and that is why they came to us!”  Google Business Photos “Street View” style tour – Keith, California Patio, La Quinta, CA location


“Dear Ken,  I just got home after babysitting grand kids for 3 days and this is the first time I got a chance to see what you have done!  Very remarkable! Everything looks so sharp and clean… I can’t thank you enough for talking me into it.  I will find time to embed it into the website soon,  I got your instructions – now I just need a few minutes to do it.”   Kathy


“I would like to thank Ken Cox of Southwest Trusted Photography for the awesome 360° Virtual Tour of our office and the great pictures he took for us.  Ken is easily the best photographer I have ever worked with.”    Kevin Kennedy – KPIA or on Google+