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We are all are more visually oriented than ever before.  Marketing and advertising are driven by pictures and images for every kind of business today.  A few quality images say a multitude about your business, the location, the quality of service, grade of products and attitude toward customer care.  The internet has become the primary source for customers looking for your goods and services everyday.  Quality imagery can lift you above the  competition and bring customers through your front doors.  Sharp, crisp professional images make a powerful first impression.  What do want to say to customers about your business?  We create images for webpages, Social Media, Reports, for print like posters, business cards, brochures, banners and flyers.  What can we create for you?

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Your Business Needs Quality Images

Every business is different!  You know you’re customer base better than anyone.  We work close with you to get the pictures you need to attract and inform your customers, client, patients and bring them through your doors.  Along with high quality professional images we can create 360 degree Virtual Reality Tours so your customers can be more familiar with your business.

Ken Cox Photography is your answer

1. Who We Are?

Ken has been creating professional photography for over 20 years.  His experience includes assignment photography, commercial event photography, product work and location work.   He has worked is the largest studios and some of the most isolated locations in the US.

2. What We do

We create professional high quality images that are used by businesses to promote their image, boost sales, increase online visibility, content marketing, images for signage, vehicle wraps, in-store displays and quality publication advertising.  We create and produce short videos for progress reports, product sales, introduce personnel,  introduce customers to your location and content marketing.  Does your business have a special project?  …a tight budget?  Let’s talk about it and see what we can do.  We specialize in small business promotions and marketing concepts.

3. Who Recommends Us

“Dear Ken,  I just got home after babysitting grand kids for 3 days and this is the first time I got a chance to see what you have done!  Very remarkable! Everything looks so sharp and clean… I can’t thank you enough for talking me into it.  I will find time to embed it into the website soon,  I got your instructions – now I just need a few minutes to do it.”   Kathy   http://www.socallocksmith.com/  http://goo.gl/O17lat

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Ken Cox Photography - Let Us Make You Look Good!

Ken Cox is also the Google Trusted Independent Photographer for San Bernardino County and most of Southern California.

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