I am amazed every day at the creative efforts of Small Business People/Owners everywhere. I work with small businesses all over Southern California. Keeping a Small Business a float, now a days, is no little task. Despite the claims of robust economics in the media, myself and many others, are seeing many SMB’s in a struggle for survival. There is no one shot answer for this, except just keep trying!

Make time to promote your business…if you don’t no one else will! By effectively scheduling time critical issues can be conquered one at a time. Take a few minutes every day/week/month to evaluate and set priorities. Set a few minutes every week to promote your business. Do it in a way that say, “Thanks!” to your loyal clientele and effectively appeals to prospective new local customers as well. Just a heartfelt, “Thanks for your business!” can go a long way.

What else might you do? Help customers find your business. Make time to plug into free and low cost assets that will speak to new local customers and potential customers downstream. Oh, you already have a website, you say! …or maybe you don’t? Local Searches are not dependent on a business having a website. They depend on solid “verified” listings that business owners put online. Don’t get me wrong a website can serve to deliver a lot of details. But how will that potential customer find it? Please let me explain.

Promoting a SMB has changed radically over the last few years. For more than 20 years I ran a small service oriented business (back in the day) and I promoted the shop/ service with phone book ads. Every month $500 to $1000, why? …because in the old days that’s where people looked for local goods and services. It Worked! The vast majority of SMBs tell me they don’t do any Phone Book Advertising anymore outside of a simple listing. Why? Almost nobody looks at a phone book anymore. “Where should I advertise?”, some may ask? Think about it for a minute, “Where do you look for local goods and services?” Nearly every person will reply, “Oh I just Google it!” OK here’s the no brainer, where do you promote your business? Did you know that there’s a lot you can do online without spending any money at all. Local Searches depend on solid Google Maps Listing to a large degree. There are other factors but this is the elephant in the room.

Google My Business is a good place to start for free. Free meaning NO COST!
Here’s a link https://www.google.com/business/ also search online for “Google My Business Help”
These short videos that might help you get started.

Let me know if you need help or have questions. I am a photographer and I have worked with Google Maps for several years.

Thanks for reading KC, Enjoy!