Why does small business need G+?  A Google+ Local page is completely free and way more powerful that most merchants realize.  More than 90% of your online customers will use the information from this page and they won’t even know where it came from.   Setup is pretty much painless.  Still many merchants, doctors, retailers and small businesses owners are not connected. 

What can Google+ Local do for your business?  Here is the short story!

Here are a few things your Google+ Local will do for you:

  • This page controls your business listing on Google Maps. This is the  map listings that 9 out of 10 people online will see first.  Google Maps is the largest, most robust, business listing/mapping system  online.   That’s a good reason to plug in.
  • Through this page you control the Map markers ( it can be altered in Maps as well) , that lead to your business on Mobile Devices, all business information, business description, business classification, contact information, etc.  Google My Business is helping to bring this all together in one place now.
  • These pages can have a dramatic influence on local Google Searches.  You can pay for search results (PPC) but in most cases, as a small business, you can get almost the same local organic search results for free with this page.
  • These listings are an intricate part of helping customers find you in local searches with a phone or pad online.  Mobile devices often link to GPS systems and other location specific tools to give results that serve the user.  That’s why many of us now use our phone to find everything.
  • Customer reviews are displayed on G+.  These are a huge part of the decision making process for many customers.  These reviews also contribute to your online status.
  • G+ gives you a way to have a direct communication with your customers.  This is word-of-mouth advertising for today, 2015.  We’ll talk about this in another post, later.
  • You can display images on this page that show up across the internet.  Pictures help brand your business.  By images of logos, storefronts interiors, merchandise and so on, your business is made to stand out.  This separates you from every other competing business in your area.  Let’s face it we like what looks appealing to us.  Without quality images customers will go to merchants and services that appeal to them.  Quality pictures play a big part.  This is why Google created Google Business View.
  • Your YouTube channel connects to this page allowing you to display video across the internet.  Brief videos are beginning to drive online presence.  The impact of video on the online shopping experience is amazing. 
  • Small businesses globally are using these pages to compete.  The cost is free for most features.  Their are very minimal costs associated with GBV depending on what you want to do.  The merchant can spend money on Pay-Per-Click and other features but these are not directly associated with Google+.

 I am a commercial photographer and I am a Google Independent Photographer.  I do Google Maps Business View for small businesses in So Cal.  Google Business View is a simple inexpensive solution designed by Google to get quality, professional images and tours installed for business locations.  This material is designed to increase online presence.  As well as help customers become familiar with the merchant or service provider and ready to do business with you before they even arrive.  These tours are actually maps, inside the Google servers, walking customers through your location 24/7.

My websites below have many examples of many different kinds of businesses using this material.  There are links directly to these business so you can see how they work and are being used by each merchant.   kencoxphtotgraphy.com   and    swtphoto.com

I can help get your business location online and optimized with Google My Business, Google+ Local and Google Maps Business View.  

Just let me know how I can help.  CONTACT

Ken Cox is a Google Trusted Independent Photographer for  the Google Maps Business View program.

Thanks, KC