Why are quality pictures important in every business?  ….even small business?  In a word, “Image”!  Quality pictures of your business, online and in every form of advertising, are what separates your business form everyone else.  Pricing, customer service, products, availability, location…..all of these factors contribute to the image of your business.  If you are a franchise you have it even tougher, why?  How do you brand your business as different, better, more desirable than others in the same franchise?  Your branding, the elements that separates you from everyone else, is the image you create for your business in the eyes of others, your customers.

As a society we have become so visually oriented that the quest for Super High Definition-TV never ends.  Why?  It’s all about the picture the image we want to see!  We are attracted to quality pictures that show us what we want to see, the way we want to see it!  We quickly move away when pictures don’t appeal to us.  Your advertising whether online, in print or signage becomes exponentially more power when you add high quality pictures.  Video, done well, has even a greater impact!  Why is this so?  Sharp pictures appeal to the eyes but video appeals to the eyes and ears at the same time.  Video combines two senses to capture and hold our audience.  We are trained in this day and age to lock-on to a movie and follow it to it’s end!    With video we are delivering a stream of many images (30 to 60 per second) along with music and words leading the viewer to a conclusion in their mind….Come Do Business With Us!

I have a friend and client that runs a small business that caters to high end clientele in a very competitive field.  They do an amazing job and have some great employees that know their stuff.  His son came to me a while back and explained that he had taken a quality image with his phone and planned to use it to advertise his family’s business.  The image was going to print in a classy high end magazine with sharp high gloss pages through out. Not a cheap form of advertising.  When I looked at the image I was a little surprised!  The content was OK, but it was a little out of focus.  The color was not right and the exposure was off as well.  He asked what I thought about the image.  I mentioned it was a little soft and asked how was he planning to fix it?   He was content with the image right out of his phone.  He said, “It’s good enough!”  He planned to send it directly to the publisher without any further effort.

I ran my own shop for more than 20 years.  While we go out of our way to design, shape, clean and manicure our business location to cater to our client, it is not uncommon to look at our advertising material and say, “That’s good enough!”   What are you saying to your customers about your business, your brand, your image?

Are quality professional pictures important for business?  Absolutely!  These are the images you want to project to customers about your business!  Quality professional pictures equate to a quality professional business in our customer’s mind.  Are the pictures you use in advertising just “good enough”?  No,  So produce images, pictures, video as good as can reasonably be produced, given the business you are in and the budget you have to work with.  The return on your investment will be obvious.

Today everyone has a camera in their pocket.  Usually phone pictures look like phone pictures.  Out of the millions of images shot on phones occasionally you see a pretty good one.  Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while.  Most of the time they are not “good enough” to promote your business.  Crisp, sharp images jump off the page capturing your audience’s attention.   There is a reason photographers spend a small fortune on equipment, software and education.  Good quality material will serve you for years to come.  Some high quality pictures I shot 20 years ago are still being used by those clients to promote their businesses today.  To serve a client well, we have to spend time talking about who their customers are and how to make images appeal to them based on the experience of you, the business owner.

How much time and money have you put into creating your business?  Do customers see you as the best in your field?  Is that what your advertising says?  If the material you are using to promote your business is just “good enough” or if you think it should be better, Call Me!

Thanks, KC